Six Features of Organic Abrasives


2022-05-17 15:36

The characteristics of organic abrasives are wide range of use, certain elasticity and high bonding strength, and good polishing performance. It has been used in rough, fine, fine, polishing and other grinding processes, and its resin abrasive tools have the following characteristics:

1. High bonding strength

Compared with vitrified bond, resin bond has high bonding strength, and its resin grinding wheel has a grinding linear speed of 80~120m/s, and can withstand greater grinding pressure. The grinding pressure of heavy-duty grinding wheel is as high as 10×104~40×104N, which is widely used in iron and steel industry, such as various steel ingots, billets and other barren grinding processes. High-speed and heavy-duty special grinding wheel and other rough grinding processes are safe to operate, suitable for high-speed grinding and high-feed grinding, and have high grinding efficiency.

2, has a certain flexibility

Compared with ceramic abrasives, resin abrasives have good toughness, certain plasticity and ductility. Its elastic modulus (E) is several times lower than that of ceramics. Therefore, resin abrasives are suitable for preparing various specifications of thin-film grinding wheels and high-speed cutting grinding wheels. At the same time, due to a certain elastic deformation, the grinding force can be buffered. Therefore, the grinding effect is good, there is a polishing effect, and the roughness of the machined surface can be improved.

3. Abrasives with various complex shapes and special requirements can be made

Due to the low hardening temperature of resin-bonded abrasive tools, it can be hardened at room temperature and has a small shrinkage rate, and can be made into abrasive tools with various complex shapes and special requirements. Such as: resin grinding wheel reinforced with glass fiber, porous resin grinding wheel and groove grinding wheel with easy chip removal and good heat dissipation; bolt-fastening grinding wheel, electrolytic grinding grinding wheel, polishing grinding wheel for improving grinding process conditions; Shaped, butterfly and other special-shaped grinding wheels.

4. Wide range of application

Due to the variety of new resin binders, resin abrasive tools with various strengths and performances can be made. Therefore, it can be widely used in rough grinding, rough grinding, cutting, semi-fine grinding, fine grinding, polishing and other processes. Resin abrasives have high bonding strength, high use speed, impact resistance, and are suitable for rough grinding and rough grinding; resin abrasives have good toughness and are suitable for cutting processes; resin abrasives have good elasticity and certain polishing properties, and can be used For fine grinding and polishing. Resin abrasives have low heat resistance and are easy to wear, and are suitable for surface grinding and fine grinding.

5. It is beneficial to prevent the workpiece being ground from being burnt

The resin bond has low heat resistance, which can reduce or avoid the phenomenon of burnt workpiece. The heat generated by the workpiece during the grinding process firstly carbonizes the resin, prompting the passivated abrasive to fall off automatically, exposing new sharp abrasive particles, reducing the heat in the grinding area and avoiding the workpiece burn.

6. The hardening temperature of resin abrasive tools is low, the production cycle is short, and the equipment is simple.

Six Features of Organic Abrasives



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