Matters needing attention when using grinding wheels


2022-05-17 15:37

We are no strangers to grinding wheels, which are also called bonded abrasives. It is generally composed of abrasives, binders and pores, and these three parts are often referred to as the three elements of bonded abrasives. When we use the grinding wheel, the following are the matters needing attention.

1. Positive operation problems. In daily use, many operators are always accustomed to operating in front of the grinding wheel, because the force can be used in this direction. In fact, this behavior is a behavior that should be specially prohibited in the operation of the grinding machine. According to the operating rules, when using the grinding wheel machine to grind the workpiece, the operator should stand on the side of the grinding wheel, and must not operate on the front of the grinding wheel, so as to prevent the grinding wheel from malfunctioning and flying out and hurting people.

2. The problem of joint operation. In the actual daily operation, there is also such a situation. In order to rush production tasks and work time, two people share a grinder to operate at the same time. This is a serious illegal operation and should be strictly prohibited.

3. The problem of side grinding. The grinding wheel that uses the circumferential surface as the working surface according to the regulations should not use the side surface for grinding. The radial strength of this grinding wheel is large, and the axial strength is small. If the operator exerts too much force, the grinding wheel will be broken or even hurt.

4. The problem of forceful operation. When using the grinder, some operators, especially young operators, use too much force in order to grind faster, which is an extremely unsafe operation behavior. The flat body of any grinding wheel has a certain strength. Doing so may cause the grinding wheel to be broken, or even fly out and hurt people, which is also a prohibited behavior.

When we use the grinding wheel, we must be extra careful and pay attention. Today we mainly talk about the situation that you should pay special attention to when operating the grinding wheel. The quality of the grinding wheels produced by our factory is guaranteed. As long as you read the above-mentioned precautions and use them according to the correct operation, the service life of our grinding wheels will be extended.


Matters needing attention when using grinding wheels



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